Five Element Acupuncture Southam, Warwickshire

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a treatment involve?

Your initial visit will take up to an hour and a half and consists of a personal and medical consultation covering your family history, lifestyle, systems functions (eg. sleep, appetite) and full details of your current complaint/s and any test or investigations that you have had.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss in complete confidence any concerns or troubles you may currently be dealing with.

After your consultation I will carry out a number of short non invasive physical diagnostic tests including blood pressure, temperature distribution and pulse taking. In most cases, aside from the most complex, this is then followed by your first treatment.

Adjunctive therapies may be used including the use of moxibustion and cupping for specific conditions as appropriate.

Subsequent appointments take up to three quarters of an hour, and include discussion of your progress and your treatment to date.

Does it hurt?

Many patients are concerned that acupuncture maybe painful but as the needles are flexible and about as thick as two human hairs and there is usually only a very slight sensation as it enters the skin.

Many find acupuncture relaxing and feel very calm after a treatment; you may also feel a little tired or sleepy so resting afterwards may be beneficial.


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